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"Greg Fowler's novel is a delightful read..." -An Amazon Verified Purchase

"Fowler is a very good writer, and his first-time effort is worth the time of all those who enjoy a good character study." -An Amazon Verified Purchase

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Jukebox Heroes

I'm a huge music fan, as most of you know. I prefer classic rock, but I've been known to listen to some…

Grumpy Greg

"Happiness Depends on Ourselves" -Aristotle Yeah, yeah, whatever, ancient philosopher. I know my readers will find this hard to believe,…

The Working for the Man-iversary

Time Keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin', into the future.... "Fly Like an Eagle" - Steve Miller Band This month, I…

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gfheadshotGreg resides in Lexington County, South Carolina with his wife and two children. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Greg spends his day job hours in the field of information technology. After blogging about running and personal interests for years, Greg decided to write his first fiction novel as part of  NaNoWriMo 2015.  The result was Negative Split.

An avid runner, Greg recently fulfilled his long-time goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Click to listen to the My Marathon podcast where Greg discusses running and writing.