Out of Tune: Chapter Three


I’ve been posting a few preview chapters of my work in progress novel, Out of Tune. Chapter Three follows. If you’ve missed out on any of the previous chapters, you should start with one of these links:

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Out of Tune: Chapter Three

A Year Before…

Billy’s phone buzzed as a text message came in. He glanced down at the screen and saw the message was from Melanie. He swiped open the message.

It read: R we still meeting Rose for dinner?

Crap, Billy said to himself. He texted back: SORRY! Forgot all about that. Working the big announcement tonight.

Announcement? Came back from Melanie.

Sheriff’s “surprise” campaign announcement at the club. Working security OT.

Oh OK, replied Melanie later. Guess we’re not meeting Rose.

Nope. Raincheck. I’ll let her know, Billy texted back.

Have fun.

You know it.

Billy left the Beaufort County Sheriff’s office, stopping by his house briefly to grab a bite to eat before his moonlighting duties. About six o’clock, he headed out, figuring the guests would not arrive until six-thirty at least, and he wanted to be there a few minutes early. Twenty minutes later he pulled into the Secession Golf Club entrance road that was now lined with small indigo blue flags with a white palmetto tree and a crescent moon – the South Carolina state flag. Billy shook his head. Yep. The worst kept secret in town.

He parked and went in a side entrance to find Sheriff Cransford. Billy found him and Danny Masters talking near the podium at the front of the large banquet room. “Hello, Sheriff. Mr. Masters,” Billy said. “Any special instructions?”

‘Not really,’ Sheriff Cransford replied. “Deputy Black should be here as well. You two just hang out near the entrance and enjoy yourselves. I don’t expect any trouble.”

Enjoy myself? Billy thought to himself. Yeah, right. “Will do, Sheriff,” he said out loud and headed back to the main entrance. Once there, he decided to walk out onto the front porch. Billy figured he’d keep up safe distance from the front door, just to keep an eye on things. He watched a couple of young kids honing their skills on the putting green.

Eventually, cars started making their way into the parking lot. Billy recognized most of the expensive cars and their owners. When the car flow came to a trickle Billy took up a new post, just inside the door.

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