Out of the Valley

IMG-7616I’m writing this from my screen porch on Sunday afternoon. It’s overcast, but not raining for a change. Yea! It’s also 75 degrees – double yea! Pandora streams The 1970’s Radio.

Is this heaven? No, only Gilbert, South Carolina.

Every now and then I hear the call of a pileated woodpecker. There are green buds on the massive tulip poplar tree, thirty feet from me. Thanks to the lack of foliage on the other trees, I can see deep into the woods beyond the poplar. Unfortunately, there’s also a light dusting of yellow pollen on the porch furniture, a warning that it is time for my month-long regimen of Claritin. I’m on day two.

I love these signs of spring. Perhaps the best sign, though, is that we’ve made it through the Valley of the Shadow of Eastern Standard Time. The clocks finally sprang forward this weekend. While I already go to bed on Saturday nights at a pretty boring early hour, losing an hour of sleep was not fun.

However, a little early morning grogginess is a small price to pay for the extra evening daylight, as well an excuse to stop by Starbucks Sunday morning. After tonight, maybe I won’t feel like going to bed at 7 pm like I have since November when we switched to standard time.

I also read in the news today where many states, including my home of South Carolina, are considering legislation to do away with the time changes and stick with the daylight-saving time version of our days. That is something I can support.

DST in 2020!

I think about new beginnings and visualize exciting changes just around the corner. Finally, for a few minutes, at least, the usual Sunday afternoon dread of Monday has lifted.

Happy daylight-saving time!



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