Transparent Tuesday: Zero to 1000

Ok, for better or worse, I’m a fan of alliteration, as in Mental Monday, Training Tip Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, and Fiction Friday as titles for recurring blog posts. Sorry if that bugs you. As I tried to decide which day of the week to post progress reports on the second novel journey, I really leaned toward Writing Wednesdays.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Erwin Flickr via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Nicholas Erwin Flickr via Compfight cc

However, an author I follow already uses Writing Wednesdays, so I decided to go with Transparent Tuesday for my accountability report. Maybe I’ll deliver better transparency than the politicians promise. I also may continue to post Throwback Thursday posts, and I didn’t want back-to-back posts like that. I think Tuesday and Thursday will work for now.

Transparency This Tuesday

Since I last visited with you about 12 days ago, I had several unstated goals. The first was to revamp my free download offering.  The second was to work on my writing war room. The third goal was to use my writing room to finish my chapter outline for Out of Tune, the working title of book number two. Finally, with the finished outline, I was going to start a routine of outlining a chapter or two each night so I could dictate the full chapter during my morning commute.

So, how did these go? Let’s start with goals three and four. I did put some work into the outline, but I have not finished, and therefore, did not start the dictation routine.  I did, however, write 400 new words on a chapter one night as I was outlining.

The writing room? Definitely in progress. Hung my whiteboard, where I did the aforementioned outline work. However, I’m not fully utilizing the room yet because the few evenings I wrote have been too nice not to be on the screened porch. (Where I am now!!!)

That wasn’t a great start, so what are the goals for this week?

  1. Finish the rough outline
  2. Write or dictate 1000 words
  3. Outline enough chapters (10?) to start the dictation process in earnest the following week
  4. Gain 25 new subscribers

Hmm…subscribers…Oh, yeah. I didn’t review goal one from last week: Revamp my free download. It was the main thing I prepared last week, and why I was behind on the other goals. Sometimes the one-armed wallpaper hanger has too much on his plate!

So what have I done, you ask?

Drum roll, please…

NSbook_3D_300X350I am now offering my book Negative Split for FREE in PDF format.

Haven’t read it yet? No more excuses and it is just in time for your summer vacation reading. Just go to this link and fill out the form:

Now, if you’re subscribed to the blog mailing list already, you’ll receive a message about already being a subscriber. You’ll need to click on the link in the middle of the page to update your profile.  You’ll then receive an email with a link which takes you to your profile. There, you’ll have the download option. A little complicated, I know, but you’re smart enough to handle it.

Zero to 1000

Here’s where I need your help again. If you enjoyed the book and/or my blog posts, would you mind forwarding this email to a friend or two and tell them about the free download link?

My goal is to have over 1000 subscribers before the release of my next novel. And being transparent, I will tell you I have way fewer than 1000 at this point. It is more than zero, though, and if I meet the 25 subscriber goal for the week, I will finally pass 100. Obviously, I could use your help here.

Again, here’s the free download page:

Thanks for reading and spreading the word,


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