Finding a Voice

One of the memories I have from childhood is recording my voice on a cassette recorder for the first time and playing it back. I laughed until tears came. I sounded so goofy. Perhaps that incident helped push me into writing.

Photo Credit: faasdant Flickr via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: faasdant Flickr via Compfight cc

However, this week’s blog post is in audio format. If you dare listen to my voice for about 15 minutes, please click on the icons below  (providing this works. I’ve never tried this before!) This is by no means perfect, but it is time to move on from this particular project.

There are two parts due to file size limitations in the blog software. If you’d rather have the print version, there’s a link farther down the page. It’s not a perfect transcript, but it’s close enough.

Enjoy, and try to remember the last time you did something scary.

Finding a Voice Part One:

Finding a Voice Part Two:


Here’s the link to the written version:

This page also has links to the audio links, if they didn’t appear in the email properly.

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PS: Here’s the link to “The Solution”:

PPS: That was a lot of work. Talking wears me out!



2 Replies to “Finding a Voice”

  1. Jan Kollar says:

    Just finished listening to your audio and I really enjoyed listening to you. Some times I get tired of having so many things to read so tonight it was a nice change to be able to close my eyes and sit back and listen. Even though I’m old and don’t know anything about the rock music you talk about, I find your stories very interesting! Keep writing!

    • Greg Fowler says:

      Thank you, Jan. I do a lot of my “reading” these days by listening to audio books. I was contemplating doing an audible version of my next novel, but after this experiment, I’m not sold on the idea! Have a great day!

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